how to look sexier as a woman and feel sexy too
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A massive wave of feminine empowerment is sweeping across the world. Women today aren’t just reclaiming their power in boardrooms and business arenas; they’re unabashedly embracing their sexual prowess. And a significant part of this movement involves sartorial choices – knowing how to dress to accentuate their innate sexiness.

A sexy style isn’t just about flaunting what you’ve got; it’s about celebrating your femininity, embodying your personality, and expressing your distinct individuality. And when you feel sexy, you feel confident too.

So, ladies, if you’re ready to tap into your personal style and unleash the sexy goddess that lies within, here is your comprehensive guide on how to look more naturally sexy. While some of these tips are fashion and style related, some of them also relate to improving your own physical appearance. And some of them are a little on the risqué side, but we think if you’re looking for more attention, some of these will definitely help.

Remember, your wardrobe should be a visual representation of who you are, radiating confidence, sex appeal, and class all in one. But you do also need to take care of yourself..

So these are some of the best casual sexy fashion you can incorporate into your look, or come up with some new cute revealing outfits.

1. Show Off Your Legs with a Short Skirt

A woman’s legs are undeniably eyecatching and with your legs on show, you can really stop people in their tracks. Short skirts provide a fantastic way for you to flaunt your great legs.

Choose an A-line skirt for a more subtle appeal, or take that sexy style up a notch with a tight and short bodycon. Wear heels or thigh-high boots to multiply the sexiness.

2. Show a Hint of Leg with a Slit Skirt

If you prefer subtlety, a long skirt with a high slit could be your go-to sexy style. The slit design lets you show off just enough leg while maintaining an air of mystique. For a summer sexy style, choose lightweight, airy fabrics like linen or silk.

This is a great look if you’re trying to look more sexy at work, or adding a touch of class to your night out.

3. Go Backless

Backless dresses or tops are a flawless way to exude sensuality without going overtly hot. Show off your beautiful back by wearing hair updos like a sleek bun or a messy ponytail. This is a cool way to wear a more seductive or sultry outfit without it being overtly sexy or slutty.

Don’t forget to apply some shimmer dust or bronzer on your back for that added sexy glow!

A backless dress is a very sultry and sexy style

4. Wear High Heels

High heels are the quintessential element of sexy style. Whether stilettos, block heels or wedges, they are the proverbial cherry on your seductive style sundae.

They elongate your legs, improve your posture, and bring an undeniable element of sex appeal to even the simplest outfits.

While high heels have fallen out of fashion with many women in recent years, they can be a tactical addition to your sexy styling.

They are also one of the best ways to look sexy in casual clothes, as heels totally change any outfir you’re wearing!

High heels are undeniably sexy

5. Lace up in Sexy High Heel Boots

High heel boots offer a seamless blend of sexiness and chic. They’re perfect for transitional weather and complement everything from dresses to skinny jeans.

The great things about boots is that they come in so many styles that you can really be versatile with just a few different pairs. Grab a pair of Chelsea boots for casual work styling, or pick a pair of knee high boots for that strut around tine.

Opt for thigh-high boots to push your sexy style boundaries.

Sexy boots can be a powerful fashion statement

6. The Seductive Appeal of Messy Hair

Sometimes, sexy style lies in the details you’d overlook. Messy hairstyles exude an effortless sexiness that’s hard to resist. Think of beachy waves, tousled buns, or even bed head!

A spritz of texturizing spray and you’re ready to rock!

7. Get a New Piercing

A new piercing can be a bold fixture in your sexy style arsenal. Be it a belly button piercing or a subtler ear or nose piercing, jewelry can dial up the seductive appeal without being overly in-your-face.

Piercings are undeniable cool and sexy, so if you’re looking for inspiration, check out our guide to sexy piercings.

8. Summer Sexy Style with Dresses

Summery dresses with floaty fabrics, plunging necklines, and open backs are an immediate way to take your sexy style to new sunny heights. Of course every woman has a selection of summer dresses just waiting for the opportunity to be worn, so take the opportunity when you can.

Pairing them with wedges or sandals will give you a lighthearted, playful, yet attractive look.

Or, add a pair of heels to highlight your legs!

A happy sexy woman in a summer dress

9. Shine Bright in Shiny Leggings

Shiny leggings can easily turn an everyday look into an attention-grabbing sexy style. Think leather look or wet look leggings for the best booty accentuating results.

If you want a simple style, shiny black leggings will go with everything.

If it’s a big night out choose a more overt style. Blacks, reds, or even animal prints – shiny leggings are your best ally for nights out.

10. Wear Underwear as Outerwear

It’s not about strutting the streets in your undies; it’s about cleverly incorporating intimate wear into your outerwear.

A lacy bralette peeking through your button-down shirt?

Wearing a corset under with your shiny skirt?

Or, a camisole or baby doll as a dress!

That’s sexy style, done right!

Dare to wear underwear as part of your sexy outfit

11. Show Cleavage

A well-fitted top or dress that showcases your cleavage can undeniably be a part of your sexy wardrobe. While you might want to err on the side of simple, you already know that showing your cleavage is going to attract a lot of attention, so it depends on your personal confidence how much you show.

Just getting to grips with your sexy style? Choose a tight and low top that highlights your boobs, but wear a cardigan or shirt to give you that more conservative look.

Wanna go all out? Embrace your inner bimbo style and go for a teeny tiny top, make it shiny and be unashamed of your fabulous boob!

12. Booty Scrunch Shorts to Turn Heads

Booty scrunch shorts are a daring way to emphasize your curves. While these are more popular as sexy gym wear, you can also rock them in the street too if you wanna showcase your booty.

Tight shorts are a great sexy outfit idea

13. Rock a Micro Bikini at the Beach

Making a statement at the beach just got easier! Micro bikinis are undoubtedly sexy and trendy. The great thing about a slinky micro bikini is that you’ll find tons of great styles and you can max your tan.

Just make sure you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.

14. Embrace Eyeliner and Mascara

Sexy isn’t only about the clothes you wear. Makeup can make or break your sexy style. A sharp-winged liner and clump-free mascara can accentuate your eyes, making you look alluring.

15. Embrace Lace

Lace is soft, feminine, and incredibly sexy. Whether it’s a lace top, dress, or undergarments, incorporating lace into your wardrobe is a surefire way to amp up your sexy style.

16. Wear Tights as Leggings

Who said only leggings can be sexy? If you really want to turn heads, wear a pair of opaque tights as leggings, partnered with a pair of heels or white trainers.

This semi see through style is definitely a ‘did she really wear that?’ look, but is undeniably sexy and will get you plenty admiring looks from guys (and probably gals too).

17. Rock Stockings and Patterned Tights

A peek of lace top stockings (hold ups or suspenders) is undeniably sexy. And these days, thanks in large part to the anime and egirl fashion, stockings are back in fashion.

If stockings ain’t your style, try patterened tights to accentuate your legs with a funky look.

18. The Daring Camel Toe Look

A controversial fashion trend, but if worn confidently, the camel toe can potentially spice up your style. The trick is to wear tight leggings or shorts, made of thin material and almost a size too small. Then, pull them up so that you have a good camel toe on display.

For best results, go commando.

Why rock the camel toe? Well, it’s extremely sexy if done right and can be very liberating for confident women. (theres even a movement of women who think we should embrace camel toe)

Make sure to choose camel toe pants that flatter your body type and strut with pride!

Embrace body positivity whatever your shape

19. Taking care of your Skin

While clothes and accessories play a big role, your skin’s health is a key factor. Regularly hydrating, protecting it from the sun, and maintaining its glow will surely enhance your sexy style.

20. Work out

Of course, being in great shape is one of the sexiest things for anyone, man or woman. And so taking care of yourself with a bit of a fitness regime can go a long way to making you look super sexy. For women, we’ll often work on our legs and bums, with a side of core/tummy work too.

A few days in the gym or a spot of jogging should do the trick. And it doesn’t matter what your body shape is, some fitness will do wonders for your body image and how people see you!

Sexy Style Whatever Your Body Shape

Of course, your idea of sexy style will depend on your personal confidence. But the truth is, whatever your body type, by looking at yourself positively you can embrace any sexy style you want.

Whether you’re pear shaped, a BBW or you wish you had more curves, try a few of these sexy fashion style statements on for size.

Remember, the sexiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence! Whether you’re sporting shiny leggings or rocking a backless dress, nothing says sexy style more than a confident woman who owns her look.

How to Try These Sexy Fashion Looks Out

There are different reasons why some of us might want to try and dress more sexy. But if you’re thinking of trying out a new more sexy you, the best thing to try one thing at a time. Maybe you could start by wearing a sexy outfit to the gym to see how it feels – or switch your normal leggings for shiny leggings.

If you really want to try a new sexy you, find your ideal outfit and strut your stuff at home and see how you feel.

If you love the outfit, take it to the streets! Wear your sexiest outfit on a night out. Or, take a day trip to somewhere where no-one knows you, and strut your stuff to see how it feels.

For example if you’re based in London, you can easily cross to another part of town, head to Brighton or Cambridge or just walk down your local high street and no-one will bat an eyelid.

Be bold! Be confident! Discover a new sexy you…

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