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Piercings are becoming more and more normal, so it’s no wonder that women want to know which ones would look the best on them. So if your goal is to make yourself hotter with a few more pieces of jewelry, then look no further.

1. Helix

This piercing combines simplicity with a bit of adventure. If you are looking to catch a guy’s eye, then getting your helix pierced will be just perfect, since it’s a tiny bit hidden away, since people will just catch small glances and wonder what could be there (unless you have your hair up). It provides mystery and people will have you on their mind for a bit, even if it’s about something so trivial.

The helix is the upper, outer part of your ear. People mainly use it for studs and rings, although there are some who like to use dangly jewelry that connects their helix to their earlobe.

These can be incredibly sexy for women too, just be careful as they can get caught on your jumper!

The helix piercing is an attractive and cool piercing

2. Tongue piercing

For the first one I kept my mind (and yours) out of the gutter, but you have to admit, when it comes to sex appeal some piercings have an advantage because of their use. So when you disregard looks, the tongue piercing is obviously the sexiest piercing a woman can have.

You can only really wear one type of piercing in this spot, however they come in many different colors. Also, keep yourself to the regular tongue piercing and skip the horizontal one that chips away at your teeth.

Just keep in mind that after getting the piercing you should leave it alone for a good few months, 6 at the very least. This means kissing with tongue and other, not as innocent, activities.

A tongue piercing is a fun and sexy style for women

3. Labret

This piercing is for those women who like to wear their jewelry proudly and are not afraid to show it off. And also for those who love to get a bit of fun out of them.

The vertical labret is the piercing you get in your lower lip that goes from the bottom to the top, leaving both sides visible. You can get a bar or a hoop in a piercing like this, although bars do have a bit more versatility in this case.

The labret is the version where just the bottom of the piercing shows below your lip with the other side inside your gum

A young woman with a cute labret piercing

4. Eyebrow piercing

This one is not hot in the classic sense, it’s more along the lines of “I’m a woman who isn’t willing to deal with your BS and I will mess you up if needed” kind of sexy. It screams confidence and that you’re an absolute badass. If you want to cater both to the male and the female gaze there is nothing better than an eyebrow piercing.

These piercings are easy to heal, don’t interfere with your romantic life and you can also get many kinds of jewelry in them. In my personal opinion, it’s the safest and best way to go if you aren’t very into jewelry but want to get into it in the future.

5. Nipple piercing

You knew this one was coming. Nipple piercings can be incredibly fun, but they also make the naked female body even sexier than it already is. In my opinion this should be on the top of the list, however there are many people who either don’t find piercings sexy, or just this placement and are even repulsed by nipple piercings.

Either way, you’re in for a treat if you get them. There are so many options for jewelry when it comes to nipple piercings that you just wouldn’t believe it, although you do have to wait quite a while before swapping out your original bars for them. Nipple piercings can take up to a year to heal and it’s a very bad spot to get an infection, irritation or a scar, so you better leave it for that time. This also includes all kinds of touch that can be avoided.

6. Belly button piercing

These are best in the summer when you can just catch a glimpse of a woman’s stomach under their crop top and there is a piece of jewelry in their belly button. It’s incredibly sexy for women to have belly button piercings. Not to mention, if you are a bit overweight, maybe have a little extra skin and fat around your midriff, this piercing can help a lot of you struggle with confidence.

You need to have the right anatomy for a belly button piercing, but once that’s done the healing should be quite easy as long as you don’t play with the jewelry. You also have plenty of options, simple studs and huge dangly bits.

Belly button piercings can be one of the sexiest piercings for women

7. Nose stud

I’m specifically talking about the stud since a lot of people find hoops to be too much or to be in the way. They are a simple but sexy addition to a woman’s face.

Once again, incredibly easy to heal. There isn’t a huge variety in the jewelry though, as you can only change the color of the metal or if there is a gem on top, then you can change the shape and color of it.

8. Genital piercing

These aren’t exactly where they are to make a woman look hotter, however, it is a very sexy surprise for a sexual partner. If you are looking to spice up your sex life and look more daring, a genital piercing might be a good way to go.

These are take a long time to heal and you shouldn’t be having intercourse while it’s healing. A lot of pulling and irritation can cause scarring, loss of sensitivity and many other unpleasant things, so please be careful.

The vertical clitoral hood or VCH is the one often referred to as a clit piercing. It doesn’t actually go through the clit though – it goes through the hood next to it which helps to stimulate the area.

The christina piercing sits above the vagina and is much more of a cosmetic piercing.

Or, if you’re really daring, choose a labial piercing. These are obviously piercings of the vagina lips which can stimulate both you and your partner.

9. Industrial bar

This piercing can be very technical, however once it’s done and healed it’s the sexiest jewelry for women. It can also provide a bit of a cyberpunk or dystopian vibe, so if you want something to reflect that aesthetic an industrial bar is a great choice.

An industrial bar is a piece of jewelry that connects the upper two sides of your ear. You need the right anatomy for it, otherwise it will reject in a couple of months. They are also infamously hard to heal. However, once you have got it down you have endless options for jewelry.

10. Medusa

At first, you might think that this piercing is sexy because once again, it’s on the lips. However, it doesn’t really provide any extra sensation, but it does make you wonder. And that’s the key: a medusa piercing keeps people’s eyes on your lips and makes their mind wander where it perhaps shouldn’t.

A medusa piercing is located right above the upper lip, in the middle. Some people wear small studs there, while others prefer bigger balls, but unfortunately that’s basically the only variety you can get out of this piercing. Without irritation they are not too hard to heal.

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I love to write about dating, relationships, the occult and the more alternative side of life. If you see me in a cafe I'll be drinking a hot chocolate and reading a book.

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