Want to get in touch? Got something to tell us? Maybe an event to share? Or you want to invite us to your party? (We do like a party)

Well… You can drop us an email. (Contact boxes tend to get spammed to shit so we’re going for email – at least we can pop some filters on that).

Here are some guidelines about getting in touch with the team at London Star.

Write for us! (freelancers and journalists)

Are you a writer looking to air your thoughts, share your opinions or generally get some writing experience?

We’re open to submissions from freelancer writers and journalists.

At the moment we cannot pay for content. But we are happy to accept your pitches.

Please include the word ‘pitch’ in your subject header to avoid the article being deleted or filtered out.

Send an email to news AT

Write for us (guest posts/business and backlink builders)

Yes – we do accept guest posts.

Yes – we do charge (get in touch for up to date rates).

What do we accept? Well, we’re happy to accept guest posts on the following subjects:

  • News (UK based)
  • Technology
  • Fashion and clothing
  • London based opinion and events
  • UK based opinion and events
  • Health, fitness and lifestyle
  • Dating, sex and adult themes are welcome. Edgy is good. Bring it on
  • Finance, money and crypto posts are welcome too…
  • Gambling and casino posts ARE allowed – but they need to be relevant to a UK audience. They also need to
  • We are also open to articles about drugs, psychadelics, CBD, cannabis, vaping or whatever. But here’s the caveat… They have to be interesting, informative and basically about an experience rather than a generic promotional blog. Think ‘Vice’ or Buzzfeed style.

Got questions about casino, gambling, adult etc? READ THIS POST BEFORE EMAILING US.

Basically we don’t give a shit what you write about so long as it ISN’T BORING OR GENERIC.

Frankly if you pitch us something and the content is badly written or reads like a sales pitch or any other blog post from a million link farms… its gonna get ditched.

Anyways email us here at

news @

  • Write for us london news
  • write for us london
  • write for us UK news
  • write for us guest posts
  • write for us fashion
  • write for us style
  • write for us womens fashion
  • write for us mens fashion
  • write for us money and finance
  • write for us gambling and casino
  • write for us CBD
  • write for us vape and vaping
  • write for us sex and dating
  • write for us sex toys and adult themes
  • write for us cannabis and psychadelics