The bimbo style no longer means dumb but can mean sexy and confident
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The term bimbo has been around since the 1920s, originally in Europe. The word Bimbo originally referred to an unintelligent man, from the Italian words for male child (bambino).

It soon progressed to becoming a derogatory term, often referring to a woman who was considered dumb or trashy looking. Marilyn Monroe for example was often referred to as a bimbo by the patriarchal Hollywood industry of the 50’s and 60’s. In the 80s and 90s the term still referred to women considered ‘airheads’ or who would dress in provocative styles.

But today the word Bimbo is more likely to describe women who are known for their glamorous appearance. Although there are still negative connotations to the word, the bimbos are striking back!

A bimbo is confident and sexy; she knows what looks good on her and she knows how to use it. Often bimbos are seen as lacking intelligence, although the modern brand of bimbo often encompasses strong and confident women who embrace femininity.

Want to embrace the bimbo lifestyle and appearance? Lets find out how you can get in on the bimbo style trend.

Are all bimbos blonde? Find out in our bimbo style guide

Bimbo style: The new fashion trend you don’t want to miss

Let’s begin with the basics: what is a bimbo? A bimbo is usually a woman who often dresses in tight or revealing clothes. However, don’t assume that bimbo always means a woman, as many trans people can also embrace the bimbo style.

Our bimbo might have been told or treated as if she is stupid or dumb, and maybe even feels that she is.

But she chooses to dress and act in a way that reflects this belief – perhaps even to amplify it and to own it. Like the slut walks of the early 00’s, bimbos are realizing that being a bimbo isn’t a bad thing. And in fact, more and more women are realizing that they have been practically conditioned to be a bimbo by the signs of society that are all around us.

The origins of the modern bimbo style lie in the history of the original Barbie doll. In 1959 Mattel released Barbie onto an unsuspecting world as “America’s doll.” The doll was designed to be every little girl’s dream friend; she had everything from hot pink hair to her own closet full of designer clothes made for her by Mattel designers (who were probably men).

It was also designed to teach young girls that they are incapable of having one thought or idea inside their heads without consulting someone else first—namely men like Mattel designers.”

Mattel used “fashion” as a way for them to indoctrinate girls into thinking about themselves as objects (dolls) instead of people so that their parents would buy more dolls, toys and accessories…

While the new Barbie movie might have shone a spotlight on the bimbo Barbie culture, there are plenty of inspiring bimbo women who have been leading the way for the rest of us.

These include:

Lindi Nunziato

Alicia Amira

Megan Million

Naomi Wu

Chrissy Chlapecka

Bimbo Fashion Items: Outfit Ideas for Bimbo Styling

When it comes to bimbo outfit ideas, it might seem like an obvious thing to go for shorter, tighter, pinker, and higher heeled. You would mostly be right. The idea is generally to embrace the extreme end of feminine secuality.

But if you’re looking to for some bimbo fashion outfit inspiration, these are some focus areas.

Underwear as outerwear

Perhaps one of the most fun aspects of bimbo fashion has been the embracing of sassy underwear items as outerwear. This can include:

  • Baby dolls (silky and skimpy)
  • Negligee (which are similar to baby dolls)
  • Bras as outerwear
  • Lace – lots of lace
  • Corsets and basques
  • Latex or rubber bondage gear (for the daring bimbo)

Of course, you don’t simply walk down the road in your underwear (although that would be VERY bimbo), but instead pair these feminine items with your wardrobe accordingly.

Mini Dresses

Any bimbo worth her price in Gucci handbags will have an assortment of minidresses for every occasion. In general, these will be skin tight and short.

Bonus points are awarded for:

  • Backless mini dresses
  • Plunging cleavage or barely there/open front
  • Tube top dresses
  • Halter top dresses
  • Shiny, metallic or wet look minidresses
  • Cut outs and slits

Pair these with over knee boots, dizzyingly high heels or even (whisper it) chunky black boots for the ultimate bimbo look.

The Mini Skirt

The classic bimbo attire from the 1960’s, the mini skirt is still a great look on bimbos today. Mini skirts are short, flirty and fun to wear, but they can also be worn in a more “sophisticated” way. Wear your mini with a crop top or tube top for an edgy look or pair it with some thigh high boots for a genuine bimbo style.

Whatever feels good for you girl! The possibilities are endless!

Mini skirts are great because they show off your legs and highlight them in the best way possible! If you know how to style it out in a mini skirt, you can pull off any outfit.

The mini skirt is a classic bimbo item

If you’re looking for a great bimbo fashion style mini skirt, we love these great pleated skirts on Amazon which are perfect for anytime wear, and available in various colours.

The Platform Heels

While you can wear platform heels with almost any outfit, they’re especially great for showing off. Not every woman can wear platform heels y’know!

Platforms have a lot of texture, which means that even if you’re wearing something simple like jeans and a T-shirt, your shoes will still be front and centre.

The height of the platform also makes them easy to wear. You can walk around in them without worrying that they’ll make you look like a hobbit or break an ankle—and the higher your heel is, the easier it is to strut around confidently in them looking like a sexy Bimbo Barbie doll. But the joy of platforms is you get all the benefits of the sexy high heel look without looking like you’re about to topple over at any moment.

Another option is to embrace over knee boots, or thigh high boots. Perfect for that bimbo who is looking to turn heads and cause traffic accidents.

Leather and Vinyl

Leather and vinyl are the most popular materials for any sexy bimbo fashion. They are durable, easy to maintain, and look amazing. Leather and vinyl are great for bimbo style because they are sexy, but not too revealing.

A good bimbo embraces the wet look styling of leather, latex and PVC. Shiny leggings are absolutely essential for strutting your bimbo stuff. Even better if they’re push up wet look leggings.

But a clingy wet look dress, faux leather skirt or spray on latex boob tube are total babe styles designed for bimbos.

If you want to dress like a bimbo embrace wet look and leather look clothes

Stockings and Patterned Tights

Have you noticed how the younger trend tends to embrace stockings and patterend tights? This great addition to bimbo fashion is one that looks great on pretty much anyone, thanks to the focus on the legs.

In addition to this, stockings and tights are also great comfort items to add to your list of bimbo accessories. Stockings look sexy when paired with heels or tights, or simple worn with trainers and a skirt.

And they also keep you comfy in the winter months when it’s a little too chilly to expose yourself too much.

Shops like The Tight Spot offer a great range of gorgeous tights and stockings at a big discount. Perfect to stock up on your bimbo clothing.

Blonde Hair

Bimbo hair is always blonde. That’s because blonde hair looks good on everyone, and it’s a great way to stand out in a crowd. Ok that’s not always true, and many true bimbos these days also embrace the dyed hair or go for the dark black style. Look at classic bimbo role models like the Kardashians (sorry, but they totally are bimbos), or modern egirls or gamer girls who often have crazy coloured hair.

But the classic bimbo style is definitely blonde – aka the blonde bimbo.

Blonde is also very easy to maintain, so you can get that “just woke up” look without spending hours trying to make it happen.

A classic bimbo style like this will help anyone stand out from the crowd, pulling them away from the pack by giving them an unmistakable look that says “I’m here with my own brand of self-confidence.”

You don't have to be a blonde bimbo, but it is the classic style

Large Hoop Earrings

Large, shiny hoop earrings are a classic bimbo accessory staple. They can be worn with just about anything and look best when they are big and shiny.

It’s important that you wear them high on the earlobe—this will help to elongate your neck and give it a nice line for people to see all the way down from your face down to those gorgeous legs of yours!

Oversized Clutch Bags

The first thing you should know about bimbo fashion clutches is that they aren’t just for bimbos. Clutches are clutch-y in general, not just when you’re wearing a hot pink feather boa and talking really loudly about how much you love walks on the beach.

What’s more, since they don’t have any specific size requirements (except maybe those required by law), you can use them to carry whatever you like: your phone, your keys and wallet—even your pet poodle. Who is dyed pink, right?

Pink *everything*

You don’t have to have pink everything to be a bimbo. But hey, why not. Pink looks great right? It’s bright and fun and sassy, just like you!

Pink phone case, pink shoes, pink t-shirt, pink leather pants, pink underwear… Go full pink.

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee is a satirical feminist group created by Alison Bechdel, author of the graphic novel Fun Home. The organization was founded in 1985 as a response to the lack of female representation in the mainstream media and seeks to “bring awareness to the plight of large-breasted women.”

Bimbo style is a popular fashion statement among modern women

Body modifications

Lets be straight here: the bimbo style puts a high importance on looking good. And this means pushing things to the extreme with your beauty and femininity.

Always wanted bigger boobs? Go for it girl – that’s a real bimbo move.

Bigger lips? Filler? Bum implants? If you want to change yourself and you think it will make you feel more confident and look more feminine, own that choice.

But why stop at cosmetic surgery?

Piercings are increasingly a bimbo option too. From multiple ear piercings, to the belly button; nipple piercings are pretty much an essential; to the more daring pussy piercings such as the VCH (vertical clit hood) or Cristina piercings. If it makes you feel good, and especially if it adds a sexy edge then it’s fair game.

Oh and don’t forget the skin art too. A good modern bimbo today will have plenty of epic ink to go with her style.

Tattoos and piercings are part of the modern bimbo styling

Bring out your inner bimbo with this fierce, sassy and sexy style.

Bimbos are confident and sexy. They know that it’s okay to be a little silly sometimes, but they also know how to bring the heat when they need to. Bimbos like to stand out, and they’ll do whatever it takes to turn heads.

If you’re looking for an edgy style that’s bold and unique, give bimbo fashion a try! It’s perfect if you love having fun with fashion—or if you just want something new in your wardrobe.


Now that you know all about bimbo fashion, it’s time to go out and do some shopping!

Remember that this style is all about expressing yourself in the most feminine way possible. Embrace your sexuality, don’t be shy about flashing some flesh, and be unapologetically you! You do of course need to be comfortable and confident in your own skin, but this is often something that comes with even the shyest of bimbos.

In fact, many women find they are empowered by the intense sexuality of the bimbo. And no, bimbo is no longer a dirty word.

So don’t be afraid to try something new; you never know what might look good until you try it on. Now get out there and strut your stuff!

Check out this guide if you want to find sexy style for this winter.

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