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While setting off on your ski trip or winter holiday this year, you’re probably packing the essential gear. Gloves? Check… Ski jacket? Check… But what about some more fun and unusual things to bring on your next winter holiday or ski trip?

Sometimes being on the alpine slopes is about more than just the skis under your feet. It’s about the vibe – whether that’s the tunes, some cool camera tech or even a sneaky snack making tool. And there are tons of fun things for skiing that you could add to your wish list.

Lets check out some of the most innovative and fun skiing accessories available. Some of these are kinda standard, others are much more out there fun ski gadgets to make your ski (or snowboard) trip much more fun and funky.

Essential Gadgets for Every Ski Trip

1. GoPro

The GoPro has redefined the sports world, finally realizing the dream of capturing high-quality, first-person footage of your most thrilling adventures.

Strap a GoPro to your helmet, and every twist, turn, and tumble is captured in stunning high definition. There’s no cooler way to relive or share your skiing prowess (or amusing bloopers) than watching it from your point-of-view. Plus, you can edit and share videos with a vibrant online community of enthusiasts.

While there are lots of different models of GoPro, we’re up to iteration 12 or so by now… Some of the older models can be perfectly adequate for your needs, especially if you’re just using it for some fun on slope footage.

In fact, we’d go so far as to day that a GoPro is actually a skiing must have accessory.

Shop GoPro on Amazon.

Don’t forget your selfie stick!

2. Mini Drone

If you want to up your photography game, consider a Mini Drone. This cool ski gadget lets you capture impressive aerial footage, showcasing your skiing skills alongside stunning mountainous backdrops. Compact and easy to operate, they’re sure to add a cinematic touch to your skiing journey.

While there are lots of drones you can add to your ski bag, we think one of the best brands is Holy Stone.

Holy Stone tend to offer premium equipment at a very modest price, with features that you’d usually only find on high end models. Their foldable mini drone for under £100 is a serious steal, and definitely a super cool ski accessory for your next trip.

If only the best will do, grab yourself the DJI Mini 3 foldable drone.

3. Phone Battery Pack

Being in the cold for extended periods can quickly drain your device’s battery. Or, if you’re getting lots of cool footage on your phone for all those social media posts, then you’ll need some extra juice.

Having a reliable phone battery pack ensures constant connection, peace of mind for safety, and that no photo opportunity gets missed. This is definitely one piece of cool stuff for skiers that shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Ski Rucksack

When it comes to innovative and practical cool ski gadgets, the ski rucksack is a must-have. Equipped to store your skiing essentials: food, water, gadgets, and clothing layers, all while being protective and comfortable to carry, it’s an indispensable asset to any skier or snowboarder.

There are lots of ski rucksacks to choose from, but we rate Decathlon for their excellent range of affordable and made for purpose ski bags.

Browse Decathlon’s ski and snowboard accessories.

5. Handwarmers

Handwarmers are not just convenient; they’re lifesavers for those exceptionally cold days. Whether you opt for reusable gel packs or battery-operated ones, they will keep your fingers toasty and mobile – a crucial comfort for the avid skier.

We like the old school little hotties hand warmers for easy sling-in-a-backpack-ability.

6. Touchscreen Gloves

Gone are the days of removing your gloves to use a smartphone. Touchscreen gloves are a delightful blend of practicality and technology, ensuring your hands stay warm while capturing the fun skiing moments. You won’t know how much you needed them until you try them!

Burton snowboarding offer lots of top quality touchscreen gloves for skier and snowboarders.

Check out these great touchscreen ski gloves.

7. Sports Trackers

Sport trackers are brilliant fun skiing accessories that come packed with features to track your skiing performance. From calculating slopes, speed, distance, and environment conditions, these cool stuff for skiers provides a detailed performance breakdown that you can analyze and share.

8. Fitness Trackers or Smartwatches

These gadgets are not just for step counting or heart rate monitoring anymore. Many work as ski trackers displaying realtime altitude, offering GPS navigation, and even avalanche warnings. No question, these cool ski gadgets are winner tools for the modern skier.

There are a lot of smartwatches to choose from, but this article helps decode the many best budget smartwatch brands.

9. JBL Bluetooth Speaker

We all know music is a great motivator, and skiing or snowboarding to your favorite tunes can be an intense experience. The JBL Bluetooth Speaker offers exceptional sound quality and battery life, all in a weather-resistant design ideal for snowy surroundings.

If you want to get your apres ski home party going hard, this is a great speaker. An excellent cool ski accessory and a must have for any home party.

The JBL range of speakers are also IP7 waterproof rated too, so you can even party in the snow with no worry of damage (careful of avalanches though).

Buy JBL speakers on Amazon.

10. Walkie-Talkies

When skiing in groups or remote areas, mobile coverage might not be reliable. Walkie-Talkies are a fun way to keep everyone connected. Look for ones with a ski-mask friendly design and multiple channels to help avoid cross-conversations.

Grab these long range portable walkie talkies on Amazon.

11. Portable Espresso Maker

Crazy as it might sound, portable espresso makers exist! What could be better than a hot caffeine boost at the top of a chilly mountain? It’s a delightful surprise that enhances your ski trip and is sure to get a laugh from your friends.

And no, you don’t need to plug them in! They’re rechargeable and can be serving you a hot cup of Joe in around 3 minutes!

We love this portable espresso maker on Amazon.

12. SnowSkate Board

If you also enjoy a bit of skateboarding, why not grab a SnowSkate board. These are skateboard style boards made for snow, allowing you to do all kinds of fun skateboarding tricks on ice. While you might not get down the mountain side on one of these, you can definitely impress friends during apres ski by landing a few ollies or trying to pop a rail.

Pick up a SnowSkate board for around £100.

In the world of winter sports, it’s not always just about the downhill rush. It’s also about the memories you make and the fun skiing accessories that enhance the experience. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, a gadget geek or a comfort connoisseur, there’s plenty of cool gifts for skiers out there waiting to be discovered.

So, gear up with these epic cool ski gadgets, and take your ski trip from fun to phenomenal.

Oh and don’t forget to gear up with quality ski wear. Check out our guide to cheap ski gear in the UK.

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