About us

The London Star is a UK based news magazine and blog. As an independent publication, we are totally impartial and offer a media source that isn’t part of the big global news machine. So… You won’t find propaganda or any of that rubbish here.

In fact, our main remit is to offer useful information from our base right here in London. Whether thats new trends in food, fashion or finance, or how to guides to everything from – who knows – buying the right type of sunglasses through to whats hot on Netflix right now.

We are part of the Sentient Creative Ltd media portfolio, which is an independent UK based limited company.

So we are always open to business partnerships, guest posts and other online profile building malarkey.

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Who are we?

Our team consist of freelance content managers, marketers, journalists and social media professionals.

We are (mostly) all UK based, and either live in, or have lived in, the Great City called London.

And we know that London is made up of a great melting pot of people from around the world. So… We want to hear your voice.

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Drop us an email at news@londonstar.co.uk