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So Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you’re wondering about a great sexy gift idea? Well, we’ve got plenty of suggestions to make sure the heat stays high in your bedroom this February.

Whatever your kinks and desires, Valentine’s Day is a great idea to let them shine. Especially if your other half is on the same page as you…

Oh and if you need to get the fires burning again, read our guide to putting the spark back in your relationship.

OK, but onto the fun stuff. What are the sexy gifts you should buy your sexy bestie this Valentines Day?

1. Thigh high boots

A pair of proper fuck me boots is a must in any bedroom. And if you want to wow your partner, invest in a pair of great thigh high boots. Shiny and PVC obviously rules here, and don’t scrimp on the stiletto!

And yes kinky boots are a definite Valentine’s Day present, either to give (from him to her) or simply for him to be surprised on Valentine’s Eve.

Check out these epic boots on Amazon from only £44. (Get them next day delivery with Prime).

The perfect Valentine's Day sexy gift? Over the knee boots

2. A babydoll

The great thing about baby dolls is that they’re cute and sexy without being too in your face. And if your sex life isn’t quite pornhub style, there is something to be said for a feminine and sexy gift on V Day.

This cute babydoll from Sex Superstore is the perfect compromise between sexy and sultry, without being slutty.

3. Massager/vibrator

There are vibrators, and then there are massagers. These are like the turbo powered vibrator for the modern woman, and if she doesn’t have one then she will LOVE YOU for getting her one.

These days, you can pick up USB rechargable massagers which will blow he socks and pants off. And no, just cos she’s had fun with her massager doesn’t mean she won’t be down for more fun. If anything it’ll get here fired up for more.

Check out Sex Superstore for a great selection of massagers and vibrators.

4. Sexy favours

Want to keep it DIY and personal? Create him/her a little deck of sex favour cards. Some ideas could be:

  • 1 x 30 min full body massage
  • 5 x oral sex for 10 mins
  • 1 front row ticket to the strip show (yours of course)

Get creative and try and create a few fun coupons that will get him or her excited!

5. Personal sex tape

Another personal and DIY sexy gift for Valentines Day is giving your other half a personalised video of you and maybe them too. A solo sex video for them to enjoy when you’re away, or maybe plan your own home made porno tape and get them excited to record your passion.

If you want some ideas for personal sex videos, you could look up solo videos (masturbation) on Pornhub. A striptease is also a great idea. Make sure to shoot your video in good light and with the camera framing the subject (i.e: you) well. You don’t want bad angles and shadows to ruin the show.

6. Fleshlight for him

Sex toys aren’t just for women. Get the man in your life a fleshlight of his favourite pornstar to really surprise him this Valentines Day.

For those not in the know, fleshlights are textured masturbation aids that offer a high level of penis stimulation. They’re basically like having a wank but with the switch flipped to 11. You’ll also need to get him some lube (if you don’t already have any around), and it’s a good idea to invest in the sex toy cleaning fluid.

7. Remote control love eggs/vibrator

Like to play control games? A really sexy Valentines day gift is the remote control vibrator, which opens up a whole world of fun. These love eggs or vibrators can be inserted in the vagina or anus, and the controller than handed to your other half. They can then torment you… I mean control your stimulation…

There are lots of videos of people having fun with these in public on the internet. That might not be what you’re after, but they are a lot of fun.

Check out these ones at Mega Pleasure for just £22.

You can also grab a remote control vibrator on Amazon.

8. Lingerie set

Bringing it back to the garments, a simple lingerie set is a great sexy Valentines Gift and one that is guaranteed to please.

OK but what kind of lingerie? Well, dress ups and uniforms are always fun and a great way to get the creative juices (and other juices) flowing in the bedroom. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a latex maid fantasy? (You do, right?)

Or if you prefer, just got for a really sexy underwear set, with bra and briefs. This one is a no-brainer, honestly.

10. Bondage restraints

Handcuffs a bit too vanilla? Why not get a full on set of bondage restraints for a really kinky Valentines Day gift that they won’t forget. Of course, you already need to be in *that kind of relationship* where bondage is something you’ve tried before. So don’t try this with that girl/guy you’ve only been seeing for the past month or two.

This set from MegaPleasure is great… And a bargain at £37.

11. CBD Lube

OK so let’s bring it back to the more safe side of the sexy gift spectrum…. CBD lube is a great option as a Valentine’s Gift as it may have a number of benefits for sex. Firstly, CBD lube may help reduce pain and inflammation in the sensual areas, which might help with people who find sex painful. It can also be useful for consensual anal sex.

Also CBD lube can heighten the sensation of sex for some, which might also be another helping hand in the bedroom. This top rated CBD lube on Amazon is a great option.

Loads of sexy fun!

We hope these sexy gift ideas have been useful and helped you come up with some great ideas. Check out also our sexy Christmas gift ideas, or take a peek at the best sex toys on Amazon for more suggestions.

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