Want to buy a sexy gift this xmas for your girlfriend? Check out our guide
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Looking for a sexy gift for your girlfriend or wife (or mistress maybe) this Christmas? If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea to get the blood pumping, there are loads more options than just lingerie. Although obviously lingerie is also a nice idea.

But… We’re gonna look at the stuff you can buy to spice up your bedroom antics and even put a bit of spice back in your relationship.

We’ve partnered with HappyLola to bring you this list of the best sexy gift ideas for women at Christmas.

How to choose a sexy gift for your girlfriend or wife?

Before we look at the best sexy gift ideas, we have a few guidelines. First of all, you should know what tickles your girl’s fancy first. Right? So you’re going to buy her sexy gifts that she actually might enjoy – not just for you.

If she likes to pamper herself, consider home spa treatments or bath gear. If she likes a bit of self love, she’ll be happy with a personal massager – and if she enjoys dressing up then she might enjoy putting on that sexy outfit for you.

But if she isn’t into things, don’t assume that buying a sexy gift will make much difference. She’s not into butt play? Buying a butt plug won’t help…

There is no harm asking her some sexy questions in the run up to Christmas to gauge what she might be up for.

That said… You do want a bit of a surprise so don’t say, ‘Hey, I’m thinking of getting you a dildo for Christmas, what colour do you want?’

OK – so what are the best sexy surprise gifts to buy your lovely woman this Christmas?

1. Sexy board games

A great way to enjoy a home date night, sexy board games can make a bit of bonding great fun and get the temperature rising on these cold nights.

The 1000 sex games gift from Happy Lola features loads of games including Strip Spinner and Erotic Edibles to keep it interesting.

1000 sex games boardgame is a great sexy gift for your wife at Christmas

2. The 50 Shades of Grey Pleasure kit

If the bedroom is already a place of serious experimentation, then the 50 Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload kit will definitely keep the fires burning. Complete with blindfold, kegel balls, nipple clamps, vibrating love ring and – of course – restraints, you’ll have all you need for a full master and slave relationship.

3. Personalised sexy artwork

Perhaps you’ve got some hot photos of the two of you…. Or maybe you want to get creative with the paints? If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush (or graphic artist, whatever) you can create your own personalised sexy artwork for your lover.

Or, get an sexy image printed for the bedroom. Talking of which…

4. Boudoir photoshoot

A really fun sexy gift for the woman in your life is a real life model photoshoot with a pro photographer. Take a look on sites like Groupon for a boudoir photoshoot deal, or run a search for local model or glamour photographers near you.

She’ll feel like the sexy stunner she is, plus you’ll get to enjoy the images afterward too!

5. Gemstone butt plug

If she’s into anal play, or she’s indicated she might be into it, then a butt plug makes a great sexy gift. And you can get some very pretty decorative ones too, like this lovely metal plug with heart crystal motif. In fact, some of the most fun to be had with anal play is in the training and anticipation, so butt plugs are a great sexy Christmas gift …

Take a look at Happy Lola’s full range of butt plugs.

6. Personalised sexual favour cards

This one can be a DIY gift, if you want to add a personal touch. Create a deck of vouchers that your better half can redeem, with a selection of sexy activities. Ten minutes of oral? 30 minutes of naked oily rubdowns? Go wild…!

7. Scented massage candle

Yes, you read that right. A candle which turns into massage oil as it melts. The classic Christmas gift of a scented candle gets a sexy fun makeover.

HappyLola stock scented massage candles in strawberry, tropical and peach.

8. Massage wand vibrator

If she’s never used a massage wand before, prepare to blow her mind. Seriously. Every woman needs one of these turbo orgasm machines in their wardrobe, and if you want to encourage her to bring out her sexy side, this is THE hot gift to do it.

We love this quiet and cordless massage wand from Oliver James, and it’s only £20! Total bargain.

9. Baby doll night dress

Buying lingerie for your lady is often fraught with issues. Should you go full kinky and get her to dress like your favourite pornstar, or play it safe with some lacy undies? Well… We think a great compromise when buying sexy underwear for your missus is to go for a baby doll.

They’re pretty, lacey, super sexy and not oppressively slutty like that wet look crotchless set you spotted.

We think this set on Amazon fits the bill perfectly.

Would you girlfriend love underwear for a christmas present?

10. Satin nightie

Keeping it relatively safe, another option for sexy attire as a Christmas gift is a satin or silk nighty. Of course, silk is the luxury option, but if she’s veggie or vegan, definitely go for the non-animal based satin option.

A satin nightie is also lovely a cosy in the winter months, smooth and sensual to the touch and looks super sexy too. An excellent choice for a sexy Christmas present.

Check out this lovely white satin nighty on Amazon

Sexy christmas gifts don't come better than lingerie

11. Candy willy

This huge candy willy is perfect for her to practice her BJ technique. Will she take the hint? Well, thats for you to find out. Just make sure she doesn’t open it in front of the in-laws or the kids…

12. CBD lubricant

So the trend for all things CBD has made it to the sex world, and CBD lubes are all the rage. Why would you want a CBD lube? Well… The active ingredient in CBD can both relax and stimulate the nether regions, making it great for making painful love making that much more comfortable. Or, if you don’t suffer discomfort, you can also enjoy the heightened arousal from the CBD.

There are various CBD lubes on the market worth taking a look at.

This one from Canamis has a high level of CBD (500mg) making it more likely you’ll feel the effects.

We also love this CBD lube from ShelleySupply which is also high strength but much cheaper.

A great sexy stocking filler!

CBD lube is a great sexy christmas present

13. Sex pillow

Did you even know sex pillows were a thing? No me neither until I did research for this article… But a thing they are. What are they for? A sex pillow allows you to find the better position to penetrate your lover during sex.

You could just use… A normal pillow? Nah buy one of these from Amazon instead.

14. Bondage tape

Although it looks like a roll of plastic masking tape, this roll of latex is actually lots of fun as a sexy stocking filler. Use it to tie each other up, or get her to wrap herself up like a festish themed Christmas gift. Lots of sexy fun!

Get your bondage tape here.

15. Silicone anal beads

Whether its for anal training or just for some sexy Christmas fun, anal beads are a fun stocking filler present for your lady friend. Silicone anal beads are more pleasant to insert and remove, and these ones from HappyLola will go pop perfectly.

Pair with the CBD lube (see above) for a truly fabulous anal experience.

16. Remote control vibrator

Want to have some fun at the family Christmas meal? Get your girlfriend a remote control love egg, pop it inside and control the vibes from the handy remote control.

Perfect for vaginal or anal stimulation, whichever she decides.

Browse remote control vibes at HappyLola.

Have yourself a very sexy Christmas

We hope this guide to sexy Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend has got the juices flowing. Literally.

If you’re looking for some more ideas, check out our best sex toys on Amazon guide.

Have a very merry XXXmas!

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