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Need to get your rocks off, TODAY. Well, thanks to Amazon Prime, you can. Because yes, thats right, there are tons of great vibrators and sex toys on Amazon.

OK you knew that already, right. But if you’re wondering how to find the best sex toys on Amazon, don’t worry my friends. We’ve dug deep for you and found the best vibes, dildos, plugs and, well… All sorts, on the world biggest ecommerce store. Oh, we’ve even popped in a few male masturbators too, which are a growing trend and a lot of fun.

Whatever your kink or flavour, lets get stuck right in (pun intended).

Clit stimulators and vibrators

First things first, for my ladies who are looking for some serious shockwaves, there are plenty of vibrators on Amazon that will blow your socks off.

Oliver James Classic Wand

So if you’re looking for a reliable brand name on Amazon, not just some unpronounceable Chinese junk (not that you’re gonna be screaming out the brand name, but you know what I mean), then Oliver James is a solid option.

The classic cordless wand is a no-nonsense massager designed to get you off in record time. And yes, it will do that.

With 8 speeds (all of them basically turbo) and 20 patterns for those women who like to keep those tingles going, this is a wand to beat all wands.

The downside? It’s not as discreet as it says – so if you want to have a crafty wank without your flatmates knowing (or waking them up at 11 at night) then you’ll probably want a quieter option.

Oliver James Large Classic Wand £19.99 on Amazon.

Amazon massager wand vibrator

LoveHoney Rechargable Wand

High street sex toy purveyors LoveHoney actually have a decent stock of dildos on Amazon. And we think this is a great option (I can testify cos I’ve used this one). First of all, the vibes are powerful and you will get plenty of fun out of the compact package.

With 7 settings, you’ll definitely find the right pattern to get you off. And better still, it’s waterproof and submersible, so you can take it in the shower or bath if you need a relaxing hose down.

Also this one is (relatively) discreet and quiet. You won’t get funny looks if you’re using it when its quiet anyway… Well, unless you make a lot of noise, of course.

LoveHoney Rechargable wand £59.99 on Amazon

Mystique by OhVenus

This oh-so-cute mini vibe is pocket perfect discreetly silent too. But don’t let that fool you. Packed inside this pink package is a powerful vibrator that will definitely get you shouting ‘OHHHH!’.

It’s waterproof, travel sized and we also love the packaging, very cool.

At under £30 on Amazon, you’re getting a great quality vibrator for the price.

Love Honey Classic Rabbit Vibrator and Clit Stimulator

Sometimes the classics are the best, and the ol’ rampant rabbit has been getting us hot under the sheets since the 90s. And it’s still a great addition to any girls sex toy collection. There is actually a big choice of rampant rabbit sex toys on Amazon, but we like the Love Honey line up for their good quality and customer service too (if you should need it).

This version is rechargeable, and features a choice of different stimulating sensations from the rotating beads and the multiple vibrating settings.

Browse the Love Honey Rampant Rabbit on Amazon

Lovense Lush 3 – Bluetooth Controlled wearable vibe

If you’ve not heard about the Lovense range of sex toys, then… well, first of all, where have you been for the past ten years? And secondly, oh are you in for a treat!

These insertable vibrators are controlled remotely via an app on your phone and boy do they do the trick. By zapping the vibes right into your pussy, you’re in serious danger of taking off into orbit when it hits the spot. It’s also a lot of fun if you have a long distance relationship or your other half is away from home regularly, as they can control the sensations from their own device.

You can even sync the Lovense with your music to reaaaallly feel the beat!

One of the must buy sex toys on Amazon if you ask us. Although it’s pricey at £119, there is a reason the Lovense range of sex toys are so popular.

Buy your Lovense on Amazon.

Giulianno Wearable Vibrator

Not sure about splashing £119 on the brand name Lovense wearable stimulator? Well, this being Amazon, there are plenty of cheap knock-offs to choose from. Having sifted through many of them, this wearable Lovense style vibrator from Giulianno is a good option for a great budget sex toy on Amazon.

Reviews suggest the quality is good and delivery is fast, it comes with a handy remote control and can also be controlled via the app.

And at £29.99, you’re also saving a chunk on the branded version.

Shop wearable vibrator from Giulianno on Amazon.

Butt Stuff

When it comes to bedroom fun, there’s more to life than just the vagina! And yes, backdoor fun is great solo but you know your partner will also love to get involved too. Some of these great anal sex toys on Amazon are perfect for using with your other half, but obviously are also great fun on their own. Don’t forget to pick up that water based lube too!

Anyway – these are some of our favourite butt friendly sex toys to buy on Amazon.

Metal Gemstone Butt Plug set of 3

Keeping it simple to start, this set of three medical grade stainless steel butt plugs are the perfect way to discreetly enjoy those anal sensations. And because they come in three sizes, you can use them for anal training too, if you’re looking to enjoy more anal fun.

These cute anal plugs also have a cute heart shaped gem on the end, which can also make a fun surprise for your partner.

And at just £12.99 for a set of three, they’re a bargain too!

Buy on Amazon.

LoveHoney Silicone Anal Beads

If you’re curious about anal play, or just easing yourself into the experience, then anal beads are probably the best way to do it. They’re soft, relatively unobtrusive and give just enough of a thrill for you to get into it without feeling uncomfortable.

At just 6 inches long and with graduated beads, they’re definitely a fun introduction to the world of anal play.

There are many different brands of anal beads on Amazon, but these ones are particularly good as they’re made from quality easy to clean silicone. No awkward scratchy bits here either.

Try these LoveHoney anal beads on Amazon for £7.99.

Extra Wide Anal Bead Plug

If you’re ready to level up your anal play, or you’re already a bit of an anal afficionado, these are the toy that will get you weak at the knees. Nice and wide beads, with the first set being 4 inches in diameter, mean you’ll get to really enjoy the sensations on these beads.

As they’re made from squishy silicone, there is some give in them, but they’ll still test your capacity here.

At just £18.99, this is a great addition to any anal lovers bedside table.

Buy on Amazon.


When you just need some good old fashioned penetration, you can’t beat a simple dildo. While we say simple, the world of dildos is actually very complex, with everything from lifelike silicone to discreet glass and steel.

Which is your favourite?

Realistic 9 inch dildo with base sucker

While we love this stock image (yeah I keep my dildos next to the bookshelf too), you can’t ignore the fact that this is an excellent dildo. The lifelike details add an extra thrill to using this, and if you can take the full 9 inches then you’re a champion.

The sucker also gives you the option to ride it how you feel.

And at £8.99, its an absolute bargain.

Buy on Amazon.

LoveHoney 8 inch vibrating lifelike dildo

Having the option to add some vibes to your play is obviously going to be very appealing for many. And this excellent 8 inch dildo from LoveHoney is a fab addition to your Amazon sex toy collection.

With gradual vibration intensity, real feel skin and a full 8 inches of insertable dildo, this one promises many hours of fun.

Buy for £18.99 on Amazon.

Ribbed Glass Double Dildo

One of the great things about glass dildos is that they’re easy to clean and, of course, they are un-weidling. This means you can ride them as hard as you like without fear of them damaging. T

his gorgeous crystal dildo features ribbed and dotted shafts, and a double ended vibe so you can share with a friend.

Buy yours on Amazon for £18.59.

Glas Callisto Crystal Dildo

This lovely glass dildo is not just good looking, but very thrilling too. With ribs and dots, plus a nice big handle, you can really get a grip on your penetration for the best results.

At £19.99, this is a great value glass dildo on Amazon.

Don’t forget the lube

If you’re enjoying sex toys, make sure to get some lube. Water based lube is the best, and most versatile. Especially with silicone or latex sex toys.

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