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Shower sex is a fun sexual activity, often a sexual fantasy for some, that can be thrilling. It also provides a powerful orgasm with extremely intense sexual stimulation. Shower sex can also provide amazing sexual experiences for all partners, as different and wild sex positions are used in the mix. The splash of water falling on the body not only intensifies the arousal but also adds to the overall sexual experience

And, as a bonus, you don’t have to clean up afterwards either….

Want to add that spark back into your relationship? Or simply looking for some fun sex ideas? Check out our tips to have sex in the shower.

Tips To Have Safe and Fun Shower Sex

For successful shower sex, the right methods have to be kept in mind. After all there is nothing sexy about slipping over puddles of water, or using a shaky cabinet to support you and then breaking it.

The other thing with shower sex is that it can often be impromptu, so cleaning up or preparing doesn’t always happen. But… If you’re planning a fun night in with your partner and shower sex is on the menu, tick this off your list first.

Preparing for shower sex

Start off by making sure your bathroom is clean. You don’t have to get it spotless, but taking care of some details can make the whole activity much more sexy. After all, there isn’t anything too sexy about mould patches or overflowing wastebins. So, to prepare for your sexy shower fun…

  • Empty bins and pick up rubbish such as toilet paper, balls of cotton wool, hairballs etc
  • Wipe down the toilet, the sink and the bath or shower area. You don’t have to go for a deep clean, just a clean sparkle can change the vibe
  • Remove obvious mould before you get down and dirty

OK, so now you’ve tidied up a but, it’s time to set the scene.

Romantic Scene Setting For The Best Shower Sex

Light some candles

A romantic atmosphere can greatly enhance both of your sexual pleasure. So if you want to make shower sex more fun, set out colourful and scented candles. Keep in mind that its open flames are dangerous so keep them well away from shower curtains, toilet roll, towels and anything else that could potentially make your night go up in flames

Rose petals

Go fill 1980’s and add a dash of fragrance and romance. If you are planning to have sex in the bathtub with a wall shower as well, then put some rose petals in it…

Sensual music

A soundtrack of laid back and sensual music can make the whole experience even more exciting and relaxing. Get your waterproof speaker in place, set up a playlist in advance (and one that won’t break the mood) and enjoy the ambiance.

Use a bath mat

Bathrooms can be slippery, so it’s best to have a bath mat. A towel is also good as an alternative. Different sex positions in the shower or bathroom can create more pleasure with excitement, but there is also a risk of slipping, so bear that in mind. 

Use a full length mirror

Perhaps you already have a large mirror in your bathroom. But if you have don’t but do have a full length mirror somewhere else, you can position it in the bathroom. This will take the thrill to a different level during shower sex and can add a whole other experience. After all, the experience of watching you and your partner having slippery bathroom sex is definitely one that needs multiple viewing angles for the best enjoyment.

Keep additional lubricant to hand

Are you wondering why extra lubricant is needed in the water?  Water does not create the right kind of lubrication for sex, on the contrary, it can also wash away your natural lubrication, which can hinder the experience. Keep some lube to hand, to make it easier to keep the experience flowing. If you’re planning on sex in the shower, you’ll want to make sure you can reach that lube to avoid breaking the flow.

How can you give oral sex in the shower?

Oral sex is a obviously a great foreplay experience for both men and women, and in the shower it can get messy. Of course, to give a blowjob in the shower is quite simple – your partner will probably not want a steady flow of water into their face though, so avoid channeling the shower flow directly at them.

Performing cunnilingus in the shower is slightly more complicated, but can still be done. The woman receiving oral sex in the shower can can either lean back against the wall, ideally with one leg up, to allow access to her vagina.

Or she can face the wall and lean forwards allowing her partner to give oral sex from behind.

If you have a chair or other supporting element in the shower, this can make it much easier as one person can sit and receive oral sex.

The best positions for shower sex

Shower sex can be extremely thrilling, but it also requires more caution than in the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with positions and improvisation. These are the best positions for sex in the shower…

1: Standing Sex Position Or Facing Each Other 

The standing sex position is great and thrilling for shower sex. Face to face, both partners can stimulate each other, if desired, the woman can wrap one of her legs around the waist of the male partner. If you are comfortable in a face-to-face position then this position will be great for you.

2: Standing mare

This position can give intense stimulation and a powerful orgasm. The woman or receiver leans slightly forward while standing with the support of the wall, and the man enters her vagina or anus from behind. During this, the man can also stimulate his partner and touch their body.

3: Doggy style

This is a classic shower sex position, and the doggy sex position everywhere gives immense pleasure and excitement. Doggy style is the best choice for shower sex for many reasons, it gives great results even if there is a big difference in the height of the partners, and this position allows deeper penetration even with a smaller penis.

On the other hand, for women who get orgasms from G spot stimulation, this position works great, because the glans of the penis puts friction and pressure directly on the G spot. If you like rough or wild sex, the man can pull the hair of his female partner. The vagina or anus can be penetrated equally well in the doggy-style sex position, and deeper penetration is achieved.  And of course this position is ideal for both anal and vaginal penetration.

Using sex toys in the shower

Sex toys provide the next level of sexual pleasure during shower sex. Just keep in mind that your sex toy should be suitable for shower sex and is waterproof.

Obvious examples of suitable sex toys for use in the shower can include:

  • Silicone dildos
  • Butt plugs
  • Anal beads
  • Rope or other waterproof restraints
  • Love eggs or balls
  • Lovense or other inserted vibrators

Sexual fantasies for shower sex

If you like the idea of living out sexual fantasies in the shower, you can try some of these great ideas. The great thing about sex in the shower is that you can get really messy and you won’t need to get stains out of anything…

  • Watersports – If you’ve ever been curious or have a pee fetish, this is the perfect place to try
  • Squirting – Not everyone can squirt (open to debate) but if you want to try and squirt for the first time, or if you are a big squirter, obviously the shower is a fun place to let it all go
  • Anal sex – Be sure to have lots of lube if you’re going to have anal sex in the shower. But the relaxing experience can make anal sex a lot of fun
  • Fisting – Of course you don’t jump straight into fisting, but the experience of teasing your partners hole wider and wider can be done cleanly in the shower. Again, remember to bring lots of lube.

If you’re looking for some fun toys to bring to the show, check out our sexy gift guide.

The Shower Head Is A Great Sex Toy

Masturbating with a shower head or faucet is more thrilling and enjoyable for women, and they get powerful orgasms from it, so why not use the shower head properly while having sex in the shower? Let the shower water or the stream of the tap from above fall on the clitoris, and dive into the bliss of sex. You can also aim the jet of the hand shower directly at the clit or glans of the penis. The experience will be highly thrilling and powerful orgasmic. 


Shower sex can be a very thrilling and extremely intense pleasure experience, but it is important to keep a few precautions in mind. Do not use soap to lubricate during shower sex as this can cause irritation and dryness.

Remember, this is just guidance and the actual fun is all in the spontaneity and the warm feeling you’ll get having sex in the shower.

Have fun with your sexy shower experience!

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