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So you’ve heard that making money on OnlyFans is a piece of cake, right? Take some sexy selfies, put on a subscription price and watch that money start rolling in? Wellllll….. Gotta break it to you but it ain’t that easy.

Yes, there is money to be made on OnlyFans. Yes, you can be your own boss and have a helllaaaa lot of fun at the same time.

But is it easy?

Yes and no. There are definitely things you need to do to ensure the best chances of success, and chances are that OnlyFans will end up being not just a side hustle but a kinda full time job.

First things first though.

What is OnlyFans and what can you sell there?

OnlyFans, or OF, is a social sharing platform that has become the platform of choice for freelance adult workers. What this means is that the people who have found success on OnlyFans tend to be women who are open to selling sexual content of themselves and building their brand identity as sex workers.

Now, there is more to OF than this. And no you don’t have to be selling sexual content to make money on OnlyFans. But this is what the platform has become known for.

Some examples of the popular types of content you can sell on OnlyFans:

  • Solo nude photos
  • Sex and masturbation photos
  • Lingerie and bikini photos (non-nude and nude)
  • Sex videos
  • Live streaming/live sex
  • Packages of photos/videos

This isn’t an exhaustive list, as we’ll see.

Although it might be obvious that women will succeed on OF, especially very good looking women who are happy to perform on camera, the truth is there are many people who are doing well on OnlyFans who might not appear to fit the mould.

Who can make money on OnlyFans?

Beyond women selling sex content, there is also lots of opportunity for a wide section of society and even for niche content/fetishes. These may include:

  • Gay guys
  • Non-binary or trans models
  • Cosplayers and eGirls
  • Latex fetishes
  • Feet fetishes
  • Smoking fetishes
  • Shoe and boot fetishes

Another option for men making money on OnlyFans is to use the platform to create your own porn channel. If you can get a steady stream of sexual partners on screen, you can monetise your channel with point of view (POV) content, model photography and more.

I recently spoke to a male OF model based in Thailand and the Philippines who has been building a porn channel using OnlyFans, ManyVids and Fansly. He simply looks for willing participants and films them for a day, with costumes, foreplay and POV sex all part of the package.

Another well known porn star has built her brand as a bimbo, on OF, and now runs a specialist bimbo site similar to OnlyFans, called BimboFans.

In short, there are more ways to make money on OnlyFans than you might at first expect.

How to setup your OnlyFans account

Starting an OnlyFans account is pretty simple. You simply head to the creators sign up at OnlyFans.com, and follow the instructions. It takes just a few minutes and you’ll be ready to start sharing your content in no-time.

It’s a good idea to include:

  • A quality profile image ideally of your face – but if you’re trying to be anonymous you can also use a tempting close up (lips, cleavage, stocking tops etc)
  • A detailed profile description explaining what people can expect to find on your page
  • Links to your social media pages – this allows people to find more of your content and interact with you across the internet

So you’re setup. But the traffic isn’t flowing yet?

Here is how to get more people to engage with you on OnlyFans and (hopefully) buy your content.

How to make money on OnlyFans: A step by step guide

1. Sign up for Instagram, TikTok and Twitter with your same handle (or as close as possible).

Most of the traffic from your OnlyFans is going to come from external channel, usually social media. So it’s a good idea to have all of the main visual based social media platforms to build regular content and engage your audience.

Instagram is a good one as it is visual, but you need to be very careful. It’s easy to get banned on Instagram for anything too obviously adult or pornographic. This means no nipples and obviously no genitals.

Post your sexy selfies, lingerie and bikini shots as often as possible, ideally multiple times each day.

TikTok does allow nudity (so long as its not too extreme), so you can get away with nipples and naked butts here. Avoid dildo shots or simulated BJs, that kind of thing.

Twitter is a popular one to build an adult audience as the platform does allow nudity and sexual content, including sex, masturbation and more. So even if you’re not a regular Twitter user, definitely open an account and get posting.

While we’re looking at social media, consider also adding your profile to Reddit. There are literally tons of subreddits on Reddit that will allow you to post links to your page. r/OnlyFansPromotions and r/PromoteOnlyFans are the tip of the iceberg here.

adult content is the best way to make money on onlyfans

2. Schedule regular content to ALL social media platforms

Urgh, I know, right…. EVERY DAY?? This is what I was saying about how it’s a full time job.

Consider getting a social media scheduling tool such as Buffer. You can connect up to three platforms as part of the free plan, and you can schedule 10 posts per channel. So FOR FREE, you can schedule up to ten days worth of content!

Not bad hey?

To add to that, the paid plans are actually very affordable, with the cheapest premium plan coming in at around $250 for the year, which is very worthwhile.

While we’re talking about scheduling content… What about the content?

3. Identify your audience

So, guys with a dick might be a reasonable broad target audience. But if you can identify the ideal target profile, you stand a MUCH better chance of making good money on OnlyFans.

What does this mean?

It means finding people who are willing to pay a premium for the content you will mostly produce. This may also be influenced by your body type, for example big boobs = men who love busty women.

But you might be looking to attract people who love:

  • Latex or boots
  • Sexy stockings and heels
  • The girlfriend experience*
  • Masturbation content
  • POV sex
  • Athletic or muscle women
  • Gamer girls and nerds

What this basically means is that you should maintain a sort of consistent aesthetic and style for your OnlyFans page.

This should also be applied to your social media pages too so people know what to expect.

*The girlfriend experience refers to a sort of personalized content which features lots of facial close ups, a bit of baring the soul and some real life stuff mixed in.

4. Invest in a good camera or a photographer

If you’re using a slightly crappy phone camera, you might not be offering the best deal to your fans. They want high quality images, well framed and well shot.

Selfies are fine, so long as you frame them well and use some decent lighting.

Invest in a small light kit from Amazon to improve the quality of your images.

This lighting kit is less than £50, can be setup in minutes and will make your sexy shots MUCH clearer and better quality, even with a low quality camera.

There are other options, but this is a good cheap option to improve your OnlyFans image quality and get more subscribers.

Should you hire a professional photographer for your OnlyFans?

Using a good photographer can really make your account pop. In fact the accounts with the biggest audience (and therefore the biggest money makers) tend to have professional looking images, rather than low quality selfie snaps.

A photographer could be a friend, partner or a professional if you can find one happy to do your photos for you (which, lets face it, probably isn’t that hard). You’d need to get them to sign a sort of NDA (non-disclosure agreement) basically saying they won’t share your pics without your permission. If they’re a pro they won’t anyway (which is the benefit of hiring a pro).

Although hiring a professional photographer might seem like an unnecessary expense, they can usually shoot a broad range of sets for you to leak out over the coming weeks or months in just a few hours.

The trick is to get multiple outfits together, and maybe different locations, and get your moneys worth.

making onlyfans content can be a good way to make money

5. Get your pricing right

Now this is what we’re here for. If you want to get paid on OnlyFans, there are numerous ways you can set your price level.

Generally, when getting started, you’ll offer a free subscription. This builds up your audience and hopefully gets a buzz building. Once you have consistent engagement on your profile and social media, you can start to charge for your content.

The alternative is that you build a strong social media following, for example on Instagram or TikTok, and then launch your OF with suitable fanfare and a accessible price point.

But what is a good price to charge for your OnlyFans?

It’s recommended to start at around $3 to $5 when you first start out. This way the price is low enough for someone to just take a punt because, hey, it’s $5!

And then hopefully they see the sizzling hot sexy content you share and they’re happy to remain subbed until next month! And maybe even when you put the price up…

Established OnlyFans accounts might charge upwards of $10 all the way to $20 or more per month.

Another way to do it is to keep your account free, but offer unlockable content. This is a popular approach by many big OF models.

Share great content on Twitter and Instagram, tell them your OF is free – and crucially share some decent content here to keep them hooked.

But then…. Get them in the messages by offering access to exclusive content for anything from $5 up to $100 (or whatever you want).

This freemium OnlyFans account model can be very popular and lucrative if you’re prolific with content.

6. Engage with your audience

The best way to keep your audience engaged with your content is to… Engage with your audience!

Drop them a thank you message from time to time, respond to their messages, send them an exclusive freebie as a thank you for subscribing – invite them to your live show, or offer them a discount off multi-month membership or content packages.

We told you this is a full time job right?

Keeping people subbing from month to month on OnlyFans can be hard, as people will often join in discounted periods but then churn before the price goes back up. Keep them on board by tempting them with juicy upcoming content or entering people into prize draws to win something. It might be free pics, it might be your used panties… Hey, it might even be a date with you!

7. Post consistent quality content

If you want to really make good money on OnlyFans, you’ll need to post good content, regularly. This means weekly, or better still daily.

Do some research into the top 5% accounts on OnlyFans and you’ll see how they manage their accounts. Take a leaf out of their books if you want to make the maximum revenue you can.

The top 5% are people like:

While these guys are in the prestige million dollar leagues of OnlyFans content, you can certainly learn a lot from how they work. Who knows, maybe you’ll be in that list one day?

There are also lots of accounts who make plenty of money with low subscription fees. So don’t think that it’s all about the sub. If you think you can build a good follower list and then monetise them in the messages or with add on content, go for that route.

It’s also worth pointing out that you don’t have to fully monetise on OnlyFans.

There are countless adult sites where you can direct your audience to make some extra money. ManyVids for example is a popular site for sharing videos, and there are numerous cam sites which also offer a fun and potentially lucrative way to engage with your audience.

Can you make money with non-nude OnlyFans?

Very simply, yes. Plenty of accounts on OnlyFans are totally non-nude or even non-adult/sexy. There are musicians, chefs, fitness stars and even random niche accounts.

To put it very simply, it’s all about your marketing. If you have a strong social media marketing game, you can drive traffic to your page. And then it comes down to the quality of your content.

Get creative because there are no rules, just guidelines.

Ready to get started?

Hopefully this guide to how to make real good money on OnlyFans has inspired you and you’re ready to take the plunge. To wrap up, here is the TL;DR…

  • Define your ideal audience
  • Share regular top quality content
  • Have a strong social media game
  • Be engaging with your audience and give them a reason to come back

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