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First dates can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. So let’s admit it, you’re nervous and running out of ideas for your first date. 

I’m here to give you 10 fun and unusual ideas for your first dates. After all, I’ve been through my fair share of car crashes, so I know a thing or two about what to do and what not. 

Whether this is actually a first date, or you’re just trying to think of fun things to do for date night, these are all gonna be a hit.

So lets get stuck into the most unusual ideas for a first date right here in the UK.

1. Plan for an escape room

An escape room is a fun, challenging, and problem-solving adventure for your first dates. In fact, it’s a great idea for someone who is a bit nervous or less talkative as this helps you avoid any awkward silences or lulls in conversation. 

Best Escape Rooms in UK

  • Escape London – Time Run
  • Escape Hunt, Birmingham
  • The Escape Room, Edinburgh
  • Escape Hunt – The Great Detective
  • Escape Room, Bristol
  • Escape Room, Oxford
  • Escape Room, Brighton
  • The Crystal Maze, Manchester
  • The Crystal Maze, London
  • Escape Room, Cardiff

2. Take cooking classes together 

If your date and you share a passion over food, that’s where you can build your bond. Sometimes it might even get spicy for those who are good at flirting over food. 

But remember, make sure if she’s comfortable with this kind of humour. Just in case she’s not okay with flirtatious banter, try a more conventional conversation. That would at least leave a good first impression, showing her that you’re the type who respects boundaries. 

Best UK Cooking Classes Where You Can Also Stay with Your Date

  • La Vieille Auberge Cooking School in Provence, France
  • La Tavola Marche Cooking School in Le Marche, Italy
  • La Buena Vida Cooking School in Andalusia, Spain
  • La Zoet Cooking School in the Netherlands
  • The Cookery School at Little Portland Street, London 
  • Raymond Blanc Cookery School, Oxford

3. Visit a trampoline park 

Visiting a trampoline park might give you that 90s kind of vibe. One thing is assured, trying this idea would definitely give you a good time as old is gold. 

You can play trampoline games, teach other stunts, show off a little, and take her back to childhood days.

A good trampoline park shouldn’t cost more than 50 Euro.

Best UK Trampoline Park for Your First Date

  • AirHop Trampoline Park, Bristol
  • Rush UK Trampoline Park, Birmingham
  • Oxygen Freejumping, Acton, Derby
  • Flip Out Trampoline Park, Liverpool
  • RedKangaroo Trampoline Park Nottingham
  • Jump360, Hartlepool, Stockton, Newcastle 

4. Dance together 

Believe it or not, dancing classes offer a romantic environment and what I like the most is the fact that it doesn’t need a lot of planning. 

Just in case you turn out to be a natural, your date would love you for it. As Shakira once said, hips don’t lie. Good dance moves always show that you’re good in bed too. 

I’d recommend going for a ballroom dancing class. It’s a dance type which is made for couples. 

Best Ballroom Dancing Classes in UK 

  • Dance Passion, Liverpool
  • Donahey’s Dance School, London
  • Dance2inspire, Glasgow
  • The Dance Hub, Oxford
  • Richardz Dance and Fitness, Birmingham
  • Ballroom Dancing Classes and Lessons, London & Cambridge, Cambridgea
  • Bristol Dance Experience, Bristol
  • Sunshine Studios, Manchester
  • Dancebuzz Ltd., London

5. Play laser tag

Although there’s a film about this dating idea, I don’t know why only a few people go for this. Maybe people think they’re too old for this kind of show. 

In “This is 40,” film, Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd go on a date night where they play laser tag with a group of kids. 

Trust me, going back to the good old days is always worth it. This is like going to the trampoline park. 

Good Places for Laser Tag in UK

  • Adrenalin Rush Laser Combat, London
  • Laser Tag UK, Bristol 
  • Tenpin Sector 7, Nottingham, PlayMouth, York, and various other cities
  • Bewl Water, Kent and East Sussex

6. Make a list of weird things that you both want to try but didn’t 

Sometimes, we all have ideas that we want to try but are hesitant to do alone. A Bollywood film called “Rockstar” explores this concept, as the two main characters, Heer and Jordan, create a list of activities which they want to experience together, even cheap ones. 

Here are a few examples of what they came up with:

  • Watching an adult film in a cheap theatre
  • Drinking cheap booze together
  • Spanking guys while running across the street 

See, the ideas are quite outlandish. If I were you, I would try to understand if she’s into crazy things by politely asking her. Also, you can mention the movie name, this might spark curiosity in her. 

If she agrees, you can make a bucket list together. 

Warning: Do keep in mind that you shouldn’t commit any crimes just for the sake of list, you’ll be responsible and either one or both of you might land in jail for this. 

7. Go to an anger room

Going to an anger room would help you and your date to take some steam off. If she’s interested in something like this, you can either speak about past experiences or break things in the anger room. 

I think this is the ugliest idea on this list. When I told my friends about this idea, only a couple of them took it seriously. 

Most people say there’s only one anger room in the world which is in Texas. But I believe if you look in the right places, you’ll find it. Most anger rooms go by the names like Motel Six, Apartment of the Guy You Found Screwing Your Exes Brains Out, Exes Apartment, Rage Rooms, and things like that. 

8. Get a tandem bike and explore the city

A tandem bike is a sign of supporting each other. This one is my favourite idea because it feels really great when you two cycle across the town, talking about the culture and places. 

This also gives you and your partner a chance to show your favourite places. And guess what? At the end of the day you can eat and eventually rest under the moon. 

Another advantage of this idea is the never ending supply of topics. When you move that fast in your city, you never run out of ideas. 

9. Explore places that were recently built

Wherever you live, there must be places that are recently built. You can make a list of those places and ask your date if she wants to explore. As far as I know, no woman would disagree with this. But yes, women are women and it’s never been easier to understand them, right? 

Anyways, finding these places is not an easy task. I’d recommend you asking in Facebook groups or subreddits that are related to your city. 

Make sure you ask these questions from a fake account, otherwise your date might know your next move. 

10. Just Get Out and Try An Unplanned Trip 

Going for an unplanned trip is the 2nd craziest thing on this list. 

Whenever I ask people how they might execute this idea, they go like, “I’ll explore the neighbourhood or what?” How silly! 

When I was doing this with my date, on every intersection we asked each other turn by turn, which way to go now? 

The rule was simple. We were not allowed to give any names. It was just right and left. 

Final Thoughts

Some of these ideas might sound like they won’t work at all, but you’re the one who asked for unusual and fun ideas. There’s no fun without being weird. So talk to your date about these ideas and if she’s into the same kind of stuff, you both got a plan to work on. 

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