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Let’s be straight here – Clapham has a great selection of places to enjoy a beer or cocktail. And if you’re heading south of the river, or you live here, you’ll probably find yourself in Clapham at some point.

There is lots of choice for pubs here in Clapham, heading from Clapham North all the way down to the bottom of the common and Clapham South station, and then the other side of the park to Clapham Junction (not technically Clapham, but you knew that right?).

If you want to be sure you get the right pub for your vibe, for example if you’re trying to pick a good pub for a date or you wanna meet mates somewhere that’s not too oiky or rah, we’ve got ya.

So… Having been Clapham residents, these are our fave picks of the best pubs in and around Clapham Common.

The Alexandra (aka ‘The Alex’)

14 Clapham Common South Side, SW4 7AA

Just a moments stumble from the exit to Clapham Common tube and you’re in the Alex. This classic wood panelled pub, with all the kitsch signage and decor you’d expect from a country pub (kinda) is a standard fixture for locals and visitors alike.

The Alex is a proper pub with a good choice of proper beer and drinks. They also show the sport, so if the rugby or football is on this will be one of the pick of places to head in Clapham Common.

Good for: Watching the footy/rugby, meeting up with mates, Saturday night drinks

Not so good for: Meeting your date, girls night out.

The King & Co

100 Clapham Park Road, SW4 7BZ

Another classic British boozer, this one a few minutes walk from the high street. Why head all the way down here? They do great beer, top notch street food (rotating guest kitchen so check in advance) and has a friendly local vibe. Ideal if you want a place to chill with mates, meet people or just enjoy a nice vibe with minimal c**tyness.

There is also a small area out front for sitting and enjoying some al-fresco drinks in the summer. Although it is right next to the road.

Good for: Local vibes, good beer, good food

Not so good for: Watching sports/footy

The Coach and Horses

173 Clapham Park Road, SW4 7EX

On the road to Brixton, the Coach and Horses is another great British boozer right here in Clapham. With a decent sized outside space, good choice of drinks and even cocktails, and pizzas.

Although we were never big frequenters of the Coach and Horses in Clapham, we did often enjoy when we did visit. Oh and they do show the footy too.

Good for: Good local pub, good beer, food is also decent, nice date pub

Not so good for: Pub crawls on the high street

The Falcon

33 Bedford Road, SW4 7SQ

The Clapham North end of the high street features some great pubs too, one of the best being The Falcon. This spacious pub is great for meeting up with mates after work, or enjoying the sun in the huge beer garden out back. In fact in the summer, the Falcon gets pretty buzzing.

One of the better options on the high street here. Their roasts are also excellent, and they have a solid menu of modern pub grub too.

Good for: Al-fresco drinks (especially in the summer), pub food and Sunday roasts, date night

Not so good for: It’s all good…

The Clapham North

409 Clapham High Street, SW9 9BT

It’s situated right across the road from Clapham North tube, so it’s not just a clever name. We like the Clapham North for it’s cool diner vibes and great cocktails as well as the usual selection of top quality beers and wines.

It’s also really well located for when you’re meeting a mate off the tube. If we had to have our arm twisted though we’d probably go to either the Falcon or, the next entry on the list…

Good for: Meeting friends, cocktails, pub food

Not so good for: No outside space, no sports/footy

The Landor

70 Landor Road, SW9 9PH

A short walk down from Clapham North tube is this cool locals fave pub. The Landor is another nice big venue, with plenty of space inside. But it also has a spacious back yard with decking and plenty of seating.

We like the Landor for their excellent food and drink, plus they sometimes have live music. Worth the wander down the road.

Good for: Outside space, friendly local vibes, good pub food, shows the sport sometimes

Not so good for: Probably not an ideal first date pub.

The Railway Tavern

18 Clapham High St, SW4 6DQ

Another high street favourite, the Railway Tavern is well placed on the high street for commuters coming off the overground, or as part of a Saturday night pub crawl. On the corner of the high street, opposite Clapham High Street station, the Railway is on three floors and often has events such as comedy nights or live music.

The pub also features some good pub grub too, including the sunday roast. It’s also quite a nice venue to meet people, due to it’s ease of location on the hight street.

Good for: Meeting friends, date night, pub grub, live events

Not so good for: No live sports.

The Stonhouse

165 Stonhouse Street, SW4 6BJ

This cool pub has hipster bar vibes, with its stipped back interior decor. They also have a really good spacious beer garden. Weirdly though I’ve never seen this pub super rammed like many other pubs on Clapham High Street. That might be because it’s set a little back from the main drag.

The Stonhouse does some excellent food, cocktails and drinks and has a nice locals vibe too. Definitely a good one if you’re thinking of somewhere to meet your date as it’s often got space to sit.

Good for: Top quality pub food, outside space in their beer garden, nice vibe for a first date

Not so good for: It’s all good…

The Sun

47 Old Town, SW4 0JL

Popular pub in the Old Town end of Clapham Common. The Sun has a nice sized outside space with heating, making it great for al-fresco drinks in the summer and winter. They also offer some great food, of course, plus the usual good choice of booze including cocktails.

Can get very busy on the weekends.

Good for: Outside space, meeting friends.

Not so good for: Drinks selection isn’t the biggest compared to others on the list

The Windmill

Clapham Common South Side, SW4 9DE

Bang in the middle of Clapham Common (sort of), this is a popular pub for both locals and visitors. Obviously in the summer it’s rammed, often with a BBQ outside. And the outside seating is also pretty large, with seating front and back.

The Windmill pub itself is a lovely classic style pub with excellent pub food, and obviously excellent surroundings. Oh it’s also one of the more expensive pubs on the list. Of course.

Good for: Al-fresco drinking and dining, top quality pub food.

Not so good for: Cheap drinks, high street night out

These are our pick of the best pubs in Clapham and Clapham Common. Have we missed any good ones? Let us know in the comments…

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