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“So, you got the stuff?”

Doesn’t it get annoying? All you wanna do is light up a joint or a blunt (or a spliff, hey! we don’t discriminate) after a long day of work, but you know what that means…

Many countries in the world, including here in the UK, still take a hard stance on the legal status of cannabis. However there are more and more countries that are either legalising the weed, or taking a legal step back (by which we mean decriminalising) – making it easy to enjoy your high times without paranoia of being busted.

So if you want to head somewhere where you can enjoy smoking some of the finest ‘erbs, these are the top cannabis destinations where you can do so with the lowest chances of being busted.

1. U.S.A (Specific states)

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you might be from one of the states in the Land of Freedom where smoking grass isn’t really considered a part of being free. There are still some states in the US which identify the act of lighting up a spliff a criminal offense. While we can keep gossiping all day about how that is a whole bunch of bull… excuse my language, there are still some 420 friendly states not very far from you.

. California – Okay, this is a very obvious one. The land dominated by skater boys and surfer dudes have got to have legal weed for you to puff on, I mean, what else are you supposed to do on a beach with people very obviously smoking on that green. 

The state of California passed the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2016 for people over the age of 21, and recreational marijuana dispensaries started rolling out right after that verdict.

We suggest avoiding L.A. if you don’t like crowds and going to San Diego if you plan on visiting California for the green scene, it is perfectly priced and the place is overall friendly and not overcrowded.

. Colorado – Ever heard of Colorado Springs? Sure you have. 

Have you heard of Colorado weed though?

If you haven’t, we’re here to tell you about it. In November of 2012, Colorado decided to surprise us all by being one of the earliest states to legalize the recreational use of cannabis for people above 21.

There’s been a huge green rush since it got legalized and it shows no signs of stopping. You can even spend an evening at a cannabis club, these are like bars but for, you guessed it… weed.

These kinds of clubs were seen first in Colorado when recreational cannabis got legalized, this is where you can make new friends who also enjoy smoking up and potentially, find an excuse to take a gravity bong rip to the head. Remember, A quick Google search is all it takes!

. Nevada – Uh oh, here comes the fun. We obviously know that Nevada is way more than just a desert state, sure it is all desert and sand but, there seems to be green growing in the desert. 

Yes sir, you heard that correct. The state of Nevada which proudly flaunts the City of Sin, aka, Las Vegas, announced the legalization of recreational cannabis on New Year of 2017. Santa came late, but oh boy! He did come through for all of us though.

The city of Las Vegas was filled with casinos and brothels and now you add the dispensaries too. You will not have any problems finding the nearest dispensary to your hotel, and neither will you have any trouble finding entertainment.

From casinos to strip clubs all the sin you could legally indulge into, now you can do it being high. Vacations do not get better than this. Getting a lap dance while you’re blasted off to space? What more could you ask for?

2. Thailand

Thailand became the first asian country to fully decriminalize selling, growing and consumption of cannabis early in 2022. What does this mean for you?

If you are on a budget and want to get the mini Las Vegas experience (Pattaya) or the mini calm hippie paradise (Phi Phi Islands) then Thailand is the best place for you.

Decent hotels usually never run over, $20 a day for stay and the weed runs about the same per gram or if you want to try some of their local, it will run you lower than the average gram in the UK.

We suggest Pattaya if you are looking to get lost in Asia’s Sin City, featuring one of the most famous streets in Thailand. 

The Walking Street, in Pattaya is just another road to drive on, in the morning. In the night though, the freaks come out.

Night-time turns Walking Street into one of the biggest red light districts featuring, bars, clubs and after a couple of drinks, a stoned soapy full body massage starts to sound even better than it did before!

However, if you are looking for a quiet get away in a hippie paradise, Phi Phi Islands are what you’re looking for. Sure, it’s more expensive by Thai standards but still ridiculously cheaper than any part of the UK or North America.

Spoiler alert : You can find some magic mushrooms just ask around for “happy shakes”, they’re freely sold in bars. 

You can choose to stick to good old cannabis or Ganja as they call it in Thai and light one up in the peaceful beaches of Phi Phi, the view of two coastlines running along each other looks even better when stoned.

3. Canada

In 2018 Canada became only the second country in the world to totally decriminalise cannabis consumption – making it a prime weed tourism destination.

However there aren’t any Dutch style cannabis cafes or coffee shops here yet. You still need to score your bag of ganja from one of the dispenaries found in most major towns and cities. Canada also doesn’t permit indoor smoking, like most other countries these days. So, assuming it’s not subzero, you can spark up your biffta in the open air without fear or reprisals from the law – or of course enjoy your herbs at home.

4. Jamaica

While technically, it is not “legal” here, it is decriminalized to the point where no one would even bat an eye if you walk down the street while putting on a big 10 gram blunt. It is basically legal because of the Rastafarian culture who believe cannabis or as they say, “herb” helps them feel closer to god or Jah.

If you are thinking, “oh, another place with a beach” think again mon! Jamaica is no joke when it comes to ganja. You can find strains you found in your hometown for half as much, you can enjoy a good stroll on the beach smoking one or rent a Oceanside AirBnB and smoke out of it. 

Since Jamaica is not very overpriced it should fit right into the budget of normal working folks like yourselves who just happen to enjoy some bud.

We suggest to stay away from Kingston if you’re more of a “away-from-the-city” stoner and choose Montego Bay. This place offers you peaceful white sand beaches and dispensaries for you to be able to enjoy these beaches. The prices of bud and beer are cheap, might as well just book the ticket and take the ride.

5. The Netherlands

This is where the fun begins! No matter how many times you’ve been told that weed is legal in The Netherlands. It is actually not, very shocking I know, since all we hear when we talk about Amsterdam is Coffeeshops and Red Light District (and old churches but really, who are we kidding?)

The Netherlands have never criminalized the plant but simply decriminalized it for personal use and you can have upto 5 grams of it on you in public. We suggest going to a coffeehouse and getting to know some people there, so you can smoke in company. If you want to smoke alone though, that is also an option but bud is kinda kinda pricey. Let’s just say it’s more than you’d expect to pay but hey! they’re not just selling you weed, they’re giving you a place to roll up and socialize too.

Now we have some good news if you’ve made your mind up about the Netherlands. It just so happens that The Netherlands is not only home to some good cannabis, but in so-called, “smart stores” you can find magic truffles. Yes! Magic truffles, not magic mushrooms, it’s a part of the magic mushroom which also contains psilocybin which helps you trip, but just in less quantities. 

After The Netherlands had banned magic mushrooms smart shops decided to use the grey area as a loophole, so you can still enjoy tripping if that excites you.

If you decide to take some to trip we advice you to ask the shopkeeper about the dosage, things are different and stronger in Amsterdam. You don’t want the hallucination of your hands melting away ruining your trip.

Aside from the high talk, Amsterdam offers some very good sea food and beer. So if you feel those munchies kicking in from the White Widow joint you just blew down at the coffeeshop, ask around for the nearest seafood place and thou shall receive.

6. Portugal

While Portugal has become the hot destination for many reasons, for example the welcoming post-Brexit attitude and easy digital nomad visas, there is another reason. Portugal actually decriminalised all drugs for personal use way back in 2001. And yes, this does include weed.

So while you can openly smoke a doobie in the street in Lisbon or Porto, or roll a fat one on the beach in the Algarve, you can’t buy it in a shop yet. You will still be relying on buying from a local dealer, which is of course still technically illegal – well, the selling is.

But if you have a contact in Portugal, or if you stay in somewhere like a hostel, you’ll find it easy to score your dope. Like many places, street dealers are still pretty shady and will try and rip you off with underweight or super low quality weed. So try and rely on recommendations rather than some guy whispering ‘Hey you want some ganja’ as you wander by….

7. Mexico

This is a must know for American stoners, get ready to have your mind blown. In 2021, The Supreme Court of Mexico declared that it’s unconstitutional to not let people chase freedom by not letting them smoke that green goodness. So? So, they decided to decriminalize it.

What does this mean for you?

This means, even if weed was already widely available all over Mexico, now you can carry upto 5 grams of Mary Jane and even flaunt yourself smoking a big joint in Cancun, taking shots of tequila, and no cop is gonna come looking for bribes just because you’re a “gringo”. That’s one less cop you have to grease on your well deserved vacation.

However, since weed isn’t fully legal here – there are no dispensaries whatsoever, so you might have to ask around. No need to worry though, we can suggest choosing the all time favorite Cancun as your vacation destination. Asking around in bars or people with rasta clothes will get the job done. It might not be legal but, come on… it’s Mexico, it’s easier than you think.

8. Spain

Another country where weed isn’t technically legal, but has been decriminalised. But unlike other destinations on this list, there are several places where foreigners can pick up weed from local distribution centres. These ‘social clubs’ or ‘asociacion cannabica’, are private members clubs where you can buy weed in Spain – but you often need to pay a fee to join. This can be as low as €20, but might be anything up to €50 or €60 for the year. So if you’re planning on coming back or buying a lot of weed, this can be worthwhile.

Of course, the benefit of these clubs is that quality is better, and you’re less likely to get ripped off.

When it comes to the decriminalised aspect though, remember that it is technically still illegal so don’t be super blatant with your big bag of weed. Keep it discreet, even if you’re smoking your fat doobie on the beach in Ibiza or Barcelona.

9. Denmark

OK – to be fair Denmark hasn’t legalised dope at all. But there is a hotspot in the capital, Copenhagen, called Cristiania. This former army base was taken over by pot smoking hippies way back in the 1970’s, and to this day you can wander in and buy your choice of stinky buds or hash from a market stall and enjoy your smoke in one of the nearby cafes.

Be warned though that outside of the Cristiania complex, weed remains illegal and you can be stopped and fined or even arrested for possession.

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