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Working with your laptop is a great way to earn money straight from home without ever leaving your house. It’s not the easiest thing to get started with though, so you will probably need a bit of direction before you get into it.

Thankfully though its never been easier to make money with your laptop, and if you need to start earning right now, you can.

These are all ideas to help you get started, and we’ll also offer some tips about where to look for clients.

How much money can you make with your laptop?

This is the internet, you have infinite options online. Thousands of ways to make money and millions of websites for it. When it comes to working out how much you can make with your laptop, it will depend on the services you offer, your expertise and how hard you work to find clients.

If you work at building a client list and you have the skills, you could very easily be making a good living wage, or more, by working with your laptop.

Before you can get to making money you need to know what you are going to do though, so let’s get started with that bit.

Virtual assistant

The role of the virtual assistant has become very popular online. Although it doesn’t always pay the best, it is very flexible and can be a way to make money online with your laptop with limited skills.

Virtual assistants can offer services such as:

  • Data entry
  • Diary management
  • Responding to emails
  • Simple content writing
  • Social media management
  • Handling phone calls

In fact pretty much anything that the hiring party doesn’t want to do. How to get started? Offer your services on sites from Linkedin, Upwork or Bark, to Reddit or even Facebook.

Content writer

Digital content writers have never been in more demand, and this role can be lucrative if you find a regular client. Writing copy isn’t as easy as it sounds though, and you will need to be capable of delivering high quality work regularly.

Start out on Fiverr, set up your Linkedin profile to offer freelance writing services, and watch lots of YouTube videos about how to find writing clients.

Design and art services

A fun way to make money with your laptop, especially if you’re a bit arty, is to offer digital design as a service. This might mean graphic design such as logos for brands, or it could also mean creating infographics on demand, or touching up photos.

Fiverr is a good place to start offering your services, but also setup a an account on Dribbble, Upwork and definitely Linkedin.

Online fitness coach

If you have some experience as a fitness coach you can offer coaching plans online. You can even offer one to one personal coaching, a personal trainer as it were.

Other types of online fitness coaching include yoga instructing or even martial arts.

Business coach

Another type of coaching, and a really good way to make money online if you have the experience, is coaching business owners. Many people don’t know what to do to build their business, and if you have a good background in business, you could be their mentor.

You’ll need a good Linkedin profile for this, so build your brand there.

Social media manager

Looking after the social media accounts of businesses and even individuals has grown to be a big industry. And if you know how to build a following and get eyes on those posts, you could make good money with your laptop as a social media manager. 

Although you don’t need to specialise in every platform, you can focus on just Instagram or TikTok or whatever… But if you can offer more platforms you’ll obviously make more money. 

It will help to have professional scheduling tools like Hootsuite, and experience with getting results. This could be on your own account, which will be your calling card.

Find clients on social media, of course. And register yourself with freelancer sites such as Upwork too.

Doing paid tasks

There are several websites that give others a chance to post tasks they don’t want to deal with, that you can do for a bit of money. These can range from data entry to transcription to one-off digital art. These don’t pay very well, but if you’re only looking for some side money then this is absolutely perfect since you won’t have set working hours and you only need to pick up tasks that you really like.

Starting out on the subreddit called r/slavelabour (don’t mind the name too much) is an easy way to start making quick money. You can also use sites like TaskRabbit.

Website visitor

These are called paid to click (PTC) websites. Their main goal is to drive traffic to websites that pay them and they give you a small cut for visiting these sites.

Usually, this is quite simple. You sign up, click the button on the PTC site and it will show you the other website, along with a countdown at the top of the screen. Once the time is up you need to complete a check that you are not a robot. If you’re done you will get a certain amount of credits which you can buy actual money with. Or if you want to drive traffic to your own website then you can use these credits to do so.

Sites such as SERP Clix and Swag Bucks are the sites that pay you to view ads and visit websites. Warning, there are loads of scam PTC sites out there, so research your site before you start clicking.


This is the money-making method that most people are familiar with. You give out your personal data, like your shopping habits and in turn, you will get a tiny bit of money. The problem is that the market has become very over-saturated, so it can be hard to find a website that will pay you fairly.

Plus, you need to weigh the pros and cons of this before you start doing it. Is it really worth selling your data for a few cents?

Digital product shop

Once again, a very over-saturated market, however once you get things rolling it will pay off really nicely. You simply need to open an online shop. Etsy works best for this.

Then you just need to find goods that sell well. A good idea is to focus on digital products which you don’t need to hold inventory or stock. This can be anything from study guides, digital planners to even monthly challenge posters. Printable stickers are also taking over the market.

You might think that these things are really hard to make or that you would need some kind of skill to create a digital planner. Let me tell you: you really don’t. You can simply go to Canva and adjust their designs to fit your own aesthetic, then upload them to Etsy. You technically still created something and it is much easier than you would think at first, the platform just needs a bit of getting used to.

If you have any artistic talent though, then you can start from scratch too. Pull up a blank canvas and do as you’d like. If your digital product is unique it will be much better received online, which will skyrocket your earnings.

Another tip, since we’re in October: make sure to have digital goods that are in line with the current season. Right now this can mean warm and bright colors, leaf patterns, but if you want to take it a step further then you can create Halloween themed items too. You can do Christmas in December and so forth, these kinds of trends are easy to figure out, even if you are just starting to sell online.

Flipping products

Buying and selling online is already huge, and sites like eBay, Vinted or Depop all make it easy. Trawl your local market for bargains, take some great photos and sell them online. 

Yes you’ll need to have an eye for a bargain, and you might be better off focusing on one product niche, such as antiques, vintage clothing or artworks. But if you known your stuff, and you can do good listings, this is a fun way to make money with your laptop.

Sex work

Yes, you’re probably making a funny look at your screen right now. But the truth is, this can be a very lucrative way for many people to make money from their laptops. OK, yes, it is mostly women, but it can also be good for men too.

The sites for this are OnlyFans, which you’ve probably heard of. You build up your following and offer a premium subscription to access your premium content, which may be photos or videos (or both). Nude images are obviously what works best here, and you can also sell your images on sites like Fansly too.

Another option is live cam work. There are many sites offering live streaming and you can make hundreds of dollars a day, if you know how to market yourself and attract an audience. 

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it can be a great earner for many….

eBook publisher

Alright, once again, you need a bit of talent to do this one if you want to create something unique and it will take time. But the Internet has made it really easy for everyone to get their work out there, so for basically free you can create your whole book from scratch, including the cover, the blurb, the content, maybe even some illustrations and sell it on Amazon or any other platform that supports PDFs or ePubs.

If you don’t really want to write but the idea of selling eBooks interests you I have an idea for you too. You can design the cover and the pages of a diary or a schedule book and sell it on Amazon too. It technically counts as a book, not just a regular digital product, so it will be pushed to the public slightly more than if you would publish it on Etsy.

We hope you have found some great inspiration for your online business venture here. As we’ve seen there are many ways to make money with your laptop, so think outside the box. The best thing is just to start trying and you will learn more than if you just keep planning…

Good luck!

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I love to write about dating, relationships, the occult and the more alternative side of life. If you see me in a cafe I'll be drinking a hot chocolate and reading a book.
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By Hedi Nemeth

I love to write about dating, relationships, the occult and the more alternative side of life. If you see me in a cafe I'll be drinking a hot chocolate and reading a book.

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